Our team is our secret to success. Hence, our area of expertise consists of a staff with a wide range of academic subjects. Our Affiliates, Data Analysts, Publishers, IT experts, and iGaming specialists hold an experience of more than five years in this domain. Thus they have all the necessary means to realize an in-depth analysis regarding this market.

All of our members are one of a kind individuals, but who are united and work underthe same principles that our company has. Using our staff contrasting expertise andmixing their knowledge, we are able to deliver meticulously prepared information about the gambling industry.

Amelia Thompson

Amelia Thompson

Awfully curious, Amelia is that kind of person that enters the window when you close the door. These characteristics made her the perfect fit for a BA in Journalism and Creative Writing at the University of Lincoln. She learned about ethics and law, the craft of fiction, political journalism and acquired the basics that would prepare her for her future career. She published a few articles for local newspapers, but her dearest work was the casino rubric in the university newspaper.

Available in the entertainment section, she wrote about news related to jackpot winners and some Blackjack strategies. The Blackjack part was probably the easiest one since she discovered that it is quite good. It was a relaxing evening when her friend taught her the basics. The rest she did herself by playing constantly, and soon she began to analyse betting patterns.

Amelia is part of this professional team for almost a year. She found the job announcement on social media and did not think twice. Even though is not that much journalism involved (except for the part when she delivers a clear message), she pours her passion into it and writes jaw-dropping content. View articles

Oliver Keegan

Oliver Keegan

Oliver Keegan is a permanent collaborator to our site, handling a wide array of articles from thorough casino reviews, gambling and sports bettings event coverage, journalistic input and broad expertise on the UK punting scene.

His professional training in journalism started at King’s College London, withing the BA programme titled Culture, Media & Creative Industries. It was then sustained by years of freelance sports news coverage, independent contracting as a copywriter, and a strong passion for extracting the essential facts from any story.

Oliver is our office expert on Premier League, cricket, and basketball and has professional know-how on the engineering behind video slot machines, online casinos, and UKGC legislation changes and proposals. He joined our team with the drive to share his knowledge of slots and table games with UK punters.

His interest in casino fair play and his ease in presenting the truth cut and dry has made him the perfect match for our team. He is also an ace on the Mega Moolah jackpot series, so you can expect helpful slot advice from him in most of his work.

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Alex Gheorghe

Alex Gheorghe

Alex Gheorghe is one of our experts, writing in-depth online casino reviews, but also detailed explanations on key subjects from the iGaming world. He has four years of experience in the iGaming industry, plus a very diverse background, so he knows precisely how to use the information to its full potential. His previous experience in the travel industry came in handy, because tourists, as well as gamblers, have a lot to win if they have the right information, and a lot to lose if they don’t. Diversity is his main value and also a great asset because the iGaming world is as diverse as it gets, so adapting your language to your audience is a key skill. Basically, Alex translates difficult technical terms and processes in such a manner that every gambler will understand them. Before joining the iGaming area he was already a slot games enthusiast. Now, he’s quite the expert, so make sure to read his articles on KingCasinoBonus if you want to play safe and improve your balance. View articles

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