How to have fun during the coronavirus outbreak

By denisab on 03/26/2020

Look, mate. We know you’re an outdoor person and had plans for this spring. Not being able to go wherever you like, whenever you want, is quite unpleasant. But this current coronavirus outbreak has to be taken seriously and the best thing you can do right now is staying home, away from older friends or relatives. Avoiding public places and gatherings is also very important, as you may contract and spread the virus without having any symptoms. Yes, spending so much time alone with your significant other (or just alone) is not ideal, but being sick or making others sick is worse.

But you don’t need to worry about any of these things, because we’ve compiled a list of pleasant home activities that will definitely improve your quarantine/self-isolation life.

Maintain an active lifestyle

This is not the best time to visit your local gym. It’s probably closed anyway, and if not, well, the owners should be ashamed of themselves. But a closed gym should not be the end of your healthy lifestyle. You can go through this period without looking like an overweight ogre at the end. So, if you already have a couple of 22 pounds (10 kilos) adjustable dumbbells at home, that’s fabulous, you can train about any muscle group: biceps, triceps, chest, back, shoulders, lower back and even your quads and calves if you use them while squatting or doing calf raises. Check Youtube to see what kind of exercises you are able to perform. And pay close attention to the proper execution, you wouldn’t want to get an injury during times like this.

Even if you did not get the chance to buy any weights, there are tons of bodyweight workouts you can perform at home. Again, you can check Youtube or read books like ”Convict Conditioning” that will teach you everything about the “forgotten art of bodyweight training”. Also, during early mornings or late evenings, when you’re sure the streets will be pretty empty, you can do some jogging, to keep your heart healthy. Just make sure you wear an N95 respirator while doing it.

Keep in touch with your loved ones

If you’re not living with your parents anymore, don’t visit them in the next month or so. It’s for their safety. The same rule applies to your mates. But, with the mighty power of the Internet, you’ll be able to call and see them through a webcam. Do that as often as you can. Use Skype, Facebook, Whatsapp, whatever, just call them and have a chat as you would normally do. As far as we know, you can’t catch the virus through radio waves, so you should be safe and sound. And keeping in touch with your loved one will also contribute towards the safety of your mental health, so call them now!

Watch some movies or TV shows

While the global economy is trembling due to a pesky little virus, Amazon Prime, Netflix, HBO GO and other streaming services will prosper. Help them by watching their best TV shows, but do it in your spare time, not while you were supposed to be working. For instance, La Casa de Papel’s season 4 is just around the corner, so there’s plenty of room for excitement. If we’re fortunate and the government does its job, in the following months we’ll be singing “Bella Ciao” to the coronavirus. A very important thing to remember: don’t go crazy with the binge-watching, it might do more harm to your mental health than good. Watch TV shows responsibly!

Play some online games with your mates

Skyping is cool and all, but if you’re a regular British bloke, you probably like to do things with your mates while meeting in real life. Talking about feelings is not men’s strongest suit, they tend to be more action-oriented. That’s why you should consider online gaming. Or online gambling, if you’re into that kind of thing. Spending some quality time with your friends while shooting aliens in Destiny 2 is very important, so do that in order to wash some of the boredom away. Again, the same warning as before: play whatever you like, but do it responsibly, without neglecting other parts of your life.

Read a book

This is the ideal moment to take reading seriously again. If you own a Kindle, buy some books on Amazon, e-books tend to be coronavirus-free. Read one about the Spanish flu if you want, you might learn how pandemics work. Already have a personal library full of books you didn’t get the chance to read? Go ahead and leave no page unturned! If your shelves are empty, don’t start ordering online, leave reading books for better times. The Internet is full of interesting free books, download those instead and read them on your phone or tablet. Who knows, you might come out of this pandemic a wiser man or woman.

As you can see, there are plenty of options at your disposal, despite all the restrictions governments will impose upon us during this difficult period. 2020 doesn’t have to be worse than it already is, so use your Internet connection to its maximum potential and you’ll be fine.

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