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By adminz on 7th September, 2018

In the gambling industry, the possibility of you winning are put to chance, with the house always holding the advantage over the player. However, there is a difference between online casinos and brick and mortar casinos, generally the bar is set lower at online casino.

Odds are an important aspect of gambling. Your winning chances can substantially improve by choosing games with better odds.

 So, if you were ever wondering how some players make money at the casino, here are a few tips that can improve you winning odds. First, casinos divide their games in two categories: skill games and luck games. Yes, you read it right.  Table games are considered skill games as the player in games such as poker can have an advantage over the house. On the other hand, luck games such as Online Slots, Bingo, Keno, Progressive Jackpots, Lotto and Scratch Cards have the odds set on the house. Ironically, the most popular games at a casino are luck games.

To gain an advantage or at least have a better understanding of your odds you need to pay attention to the RTP – Return to player, House advantage and how to calculate different odds. There are several distinct ways to present winning statistics and as you expected it is different for country to country. However, one thing they have in common all countries is that the way they present winning statistics. In luck games percentages are used to illustrate RTP and in skill games odds are more common.

Winning statistics at Casino games or Table Games

Odd are different for every table game and also in some case they depend on the size of your bet. However, when looking at RTP at table games, look at it from an inverted perspective. If for example you have a 5% house edge, your RTP would be 100%-5%=95%.

 While you might intuitively think that live dealer games would fall in the same category. You need to keep in mind that this sort of casino games are broadcasted live from casinos and therefore, your odds of winning at such games are the same as in a land base casino. However, keep in mind that companies such as Evolution gaming give casinos the possibility to determine odds thus, the variation. For more information read our Live Casino guide.

Let’s dive dipper in to what are the winning odds for every table game and what are your best winning possibilities.

Online Poker

It’s by far the hardest online game to determine odds for. Every single hand in the game has different set of odds and therefore it is essential when playing online poker that you study the game carefully to come across certain patterns. However, while there are endless rules on how to count poker odds one thing is certain, the odd of a royal flush being dealt is o, oo32%. Read more about online poker in our Guide.

Now, with video poker we are talking about a computer generated dealing method where it is unimaginable the amount of dealing possibilities, 8x1067, it can generate. From this perspective video poker is somewhat similar to online slot games giving you better odds to win then in a land base casino environment. The RTP are within the range of 96% to 99%.

Online Roulette

Betting on colour at the roulette table give you a close to 50% (48,65%) chances of winning. However, the game changes when you bet on a single number or the house edge on a single number. Also, also keep in mind that there are many types of roulette available out there and each one of them has different odds. We will look in to the two most common ones the European and the American Roulette.  When betting on a single number your winning odds drop from the nearly 50% of colour betting to 2,7%. While is you bet on the house edge on one single number it goes up to 5,26%. For more information read our Roulette guide.

Online Blackjack

King Casino Bonuses would say that blackjack is one of the skill games at which one’s ability to calculate odds makes a real difference. Every respectable blackjack player knows that odds are everything in this game and the difficulty is not as high. As a game of skills, you will need a sharp mind to execute your strategy and basics match skills. When calculating your odds, you need to keep in mind the possibilities of the dealer going bust in regards to the card you have in your hand. Keep in mind that the odds of any card coming up are 2 in 52. Learn more about Online Blackjack here.

Online Baccarat

One of high rollers favourite game for a reason we would say. Between the options of betting on the banker or on the player over here the odds are more in your favour if you bet on the banker. You have 1,06% on the banker at the edge of the house and a 1,24% odd on the player.

Thus, Baccarat is one of the online casino games with the least advantages for the house and our number one pick if you want to role large amounts of money. Read more about Baccarat here.

Online Craps

As with Baccarat, Craps it’s notoriously known as one of the high rollers favourite games, however, it is worth knowing that it has the most even odds in the casino.

Pay close attention to this game as it might appear a piece of cake form what we just said up there but,  you also have the possibility to hit the worst odds in the casino. So, stay clear of the bets in the middle of the table, unless you are in an adrenaline rush. Your best bets would be the pass line bet at a 1,41% house advantage or don’t pass line which is slightly better. Haven’t tried Craps yet learn how to play from our online guide.  

Winning odds for Online Slots and Progressive Jackpot Games

Without any doubts the most played games at a casino. If you are between the players that has a craving for this games you should start playing online rather than at land base casinos. Now, why are we saying that you might think. Well, numbers show that no matter what is your game provider of choice your winning odds are better at an online casino.

The large promotion availability at online slots games  makes them tempting, enticing and entertaining. The perfect combo for promoting and hooking up players. But, let’s look at what are your best bets and odds in terms of online slots.

Between online slots and progressive jackpots, online slots have the best winning odds with a return to player ratio between 95% - 98%. Now, RTP should not be taken factually as it does not tell you how often you can expect to win at a casino. For example, you can have two slot games with an identical RTP value let’s say 98%, but how often the winning combinations can be different. Therefore, slots with lower win frequencies pay out larger amount once in a while and the high frequencies ones pay more often smaller amounts. Moreover, the RTP is calculated as a percentage over a long period of time of what fraction of their bets the players are expected to win back.  So, let’s say if you stopped playing after wagering £100 at an RTP rate of 98% math would suggest you won £98 at the slot machine. In reality you might have won way less then this. It does not imply that the casino has cheated you. The above calculations are in the case in which you win every single time you wager, while your changes are way less then 50%. Keep in mind that at the end of the day a larger RTP rate will win you more money over time.

Progressive Jackpot games have a similar mechanism but in contrast to slot game they have a lower RTP somewhere between 88% to 95%. Read more about progressive jackpots and online slots here.

Least, Keno and Scratch Cards are the least recommended luck games to play by King Casino Bonuses. Keno is the game with the best odd for the house, 30%-50%, while Scratch cards have good odds 1 in 4 but wins are as small as £10 at times.

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